15 colorful hot air balloons float through seven backgrounds

Balloons is a small flash game which can be downloaded or played online.
The game is really simple, short, and isn't challenging at all. The objective is to shoot the balloons with the darts given. It includes 7 short levels with the balloons arranged in different ways, and each level has a certain number of darts to use. The more balloons you shoot, the more points you get. The only controller of the game is the mouse, with which you can control the direction of the dart as well as its force. It is not necessary to shoot all the balloons to get to the next level, but if you do so, you'll get special bonuses that will contribute to your final score. The list of scores is published online, so you can compare yours with that of other players and compete to get the highest one.
I´d say this is a game designed to kill some time at the office or entertain kids for a few hours, nothing more. However, it features nice and attractive graphics, and users can control the volume, music and even play it in full screen.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Free
  • Nice graphics
  • Easy


  • Very short
  • Not challenging
  • Boring
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